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Paper Cranes' most recently finished commission!

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These are the next conventions and events I will be attending as a dealer with a selection of pre-made costumes and goods!

21 October; Anime Attacks

I usually recommend booking at least 2 months before a convention or event to make sure everything is completed in time! If you are unsure I am always happy to give estimates!

For costume time and price estimates please e-mail me!

Time to get down to business! If you're looking to commission any services, this page offers a rough guide as to what is on offer, how estimations and booking works and of course how to contact me!

I am locally based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear and also offer a local-pickup and cash in hand service if requested, saving on postage costs and allowing a personal fitting service.

Paper Cranes offers a number of specialist services, including but not limited to:
  • Costume Commissions - full costumes made custom to your measurements from reference artwork - existing or original designs
  • Costume Accessories - things like hats, gloves, armbands, etc - the little pieces that go with a full costume can be commissioned seperately, made custom to your measurements
  • Embroidery & patches - fully embroidered patches with either existing or original designs, suitable for sewing onto costumes, bags, jackets, and more
But as I am only one person I have my limits and I do have some things I will NOT take on as commissions:
  • Excessive Leatherworking - I am happy to use small pieces of leather to accent costumes, but I am not a leatherworker. Making full costumes/pieces from leather is difficult and expensive, so to help save your money I highly recommend looking elsewhere.
  • Props/Armour - I am happy to make accessories like hats, gloves, etc, but making full props and sets of armour is not something I specialise in unless they are fabric-based. Again, to save your money, I highly recommend looking elsewhere.
  • Fursuiting - I do not make fursuits. I can make costumes with fur on them (collars, accents, simple tails and ears etc), but I will not make fursuit-style outfits (nor any specific pieces, like full heads, bodysuits, paws, quadsuits, etc). There are lots of very talented fursuiters out there that I encourage you to contact if you want pieces or a full suit making.
  • Wigs - I don't style or provide wigs for any costumes that are commissioned. Wig styling isn't my speciality and there are some excellent stylers and suppliers around, so I'd highly recommend looking elsewhere here, too!
  • Shoes/Boots - I will make boot covers and shoe modifications but again, this is not my speciality and it will depend on designs. I will let you know as soon as you inquire if I will be willing to modify shoes or provide covers for your costume, and whether you will need to provide a base for me to work from.
  • High Fantasy - This includes things like Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Bodysuits - These are extremely difficult to fit correctly without the wearer trying it in person.
For any of the services I don't provide, there are some excellent UK-based commissioning services that will take on the job for you! I recommend looking at CosplayIsland's Shops Section (and in their useful forum) to see what services are around, as well as check previous feedback and ratings.

BUT just because something isn't listed as being offered doesn't mean I won't give it a try! If you want something doing which isn't listed above do contact me and we can work something out.

PHASE ONE - Enquiries

Enquiries are free. If you want a costume made or want to know how much a commission will cost, feel free to ask and I will get back to you with an estimate for materials and labour.

References are very helpful when enquiring about a costume - please send as many as possible showing off different details on the costume. It is also helpful to send measurements or rough sizings with enquiries as this helps estimate costs. The more information you can provide about the costume the better!

If you are after something specific on your costume please tell me at the beginning so all estimates can be calculated accurately. If you want a particular material used or if you want a certain colour, I can consider this when budgeting and sourcing materials which makes things much faster.

Please keep in mind that all costumes will have labour costs and that materials are not always cheap. I am happy to work to a budget, but prices do need to be realistic. I am located in the UK and typically most fabrics are £5 per metre upwards - please take this into consideration when suggesting a budget.

PHASE TWO - Deposits and Queuing

If you receive a quote back and are happy to have the costume made then I require a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT for materials for your costume.

Paper Cranes operates with a slot-based system, which means that a limited number of costumes will be under construction at one time. Once all slots are filled, you can go onto the waiting list to have your commission made once others have been completed.

When you enquire you will be given an estimated time for your commission to be completed. Once you are happy with estimations and have paid your deposit, your position in the queue will be secured.

All costumes require a deposit to secure your place and to fund materials to begin work. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you are queued and then change your mind you will not be reimbursed for your deposit under any circumstance. This system is in place to reduce time wasters. Please only inquire and place a deposit on your commission if you are happy to go through with the full process.

PHASE THREE - Construction to Completion

Once a slot is free I will contact you to start your commission with an estimated completion date. Once your costume is in the works I will try my best to keep you updated whilst working and send images of progress to you.

Additional payments may be requested early while the costume is under construction to cover labour costs. Upon the costume's completion, I then will request the final payment for the remaining materials, labour and postage costs.

Once your costume is complete and paid for, it will be sent forward on to you with your provided address and you'll be another happy customer!

If you're interested and want to get an estimate for a costume please e-mail me at the following address;

When e-mailing, please enclose reference images of what you want commissioned! The more references the merrier - and don't hesitate to let me know if there are any other specific details you want included in your commission.

I would highly recommend reading the FAQ if you are looking to commission me, as it covers a lot of the small fiddly questions regarding costume commissions, as well as a guide on taking and providing measurements.