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These are the next conventions and events I will be attending as a dealer with a selection of pre-made costumes and goods!

21 October; Anime Attacks

I usually recommend booking at least 2 months before a convention or event to make sure everything is completed in time! If you are unsure I am always happy to give estimates!

For costume time and price estimates please e-mail me!

Welcome to the FAQ, where some of the most common questions have answers. If your question isn't listed here, please e-mail me at the address below and I'll respond as quickly as possible!

How do I commission Paper Cranes?

You can commission me by e-mailing me with what you want commissioned. My e-mail is at the top of this FAQ and on the Commissions page!

How much do commissions cost?

Prices vary depending on what you want making - obviously commissioning something like a Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya uniform is very different from commissioning something like Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. The level of detail, materials, sizing etc are very different and will be reflected in the pricing.

The best way to get an estimate is to ask me with references of what you want. I'm very flexible and I aim to give the most reasonable price for costume commissions, so you might be pleasantly surprised. For examples of previous works and their costs please visit the Commissions page, where a number of previous commissions are on display with estimate pricing.

How long do commissions usually take?

Again this depends on the complexity of the costume. I usually aim to have all commissions completed within 1 month of taking them on, but depending on other commissions and deadlines it may take much less time than expected. When you e-mail me regarding a commission I will let you know at the beginning how long I will estimate it to take, all other deadlines considered.

Typically simple costumes or accessories can be completed in a matter of days, while more complicated outfits can take a number of weeks. For examples of previous works and the time they have taken to complete please visit the Commissions page.

What information should I include when e-mailing?

The best thing I can think to say here is 'everything'! Include as much information as possible and it'll make my job easier when it comes to preparing your commission. It sounds vague, but honestly, the more the merrier, it makes a huge difference to have extra art to work from or even a vague size to work to to estimate pricing and workload.

The main things to include are:
  • What you want commissioning - what character/series?
  • Reference artwork of what you want commissioned.
  • A general size to work to (e.g. UK 10, 34 waist, etc).
  • How much you have to spend if you're working to a budget.
  • Any special requirements or requests you may have.

    From there any other information required will be requested in further e-mails.

    Reference artwork is encouraged to be in-depth, with as many different angles shown as possible. You are welcome to submit as many images or collages as possible to ensure I make as accurate a costume as possible to what you want. If there are any issues with accuracy or clashing references I will ask you for clarification throughout making your commission.

    I'm also happy to make commissions from original artwork or fanworks, as long as the references are there! If all else fails, providing a fanart drawing or getting someone else to draw something for you is also acceptable, as long as I have something to work from.

    What measurements do I need?

    Measurements don't usually matter until you place a commission, and vary depending on what you want made. The image below shows roughly what measurements may be requested. It's shown on a female model but it's suitable for guys, too.

    The best way to measure yourself is with a measuring tape held just across each of your measurements. It's usually helpful to measure yourself in underwear or through fitted clothing, rather than through baggy clothing or multiple layers. it might be helpful to get a friend to help you for the tricky measurements too as bending can influence the resulting size.

    As well as this general measurements like height, store-clothing sizes, shoe sizes etc are also helpful in making costumes. When you request commissions I will give you a list of specific measurements required to make your costume.

    Please be aware that any errors in measurement are not my responsibility - I make commissions to specific sizings provided by you, the customer. It is your responsibility to measure yourself correctly to prevent any sizing problems.

    How do I pay for my commission? What payment options do you accept?

    I accept payment via PayPal only, unless it is for local pickup in Newcastle upon Tyne or at a convention, in which case I accept cash-in-hand.

    Payment will be accepted in two parts, the first as a non-refundable deposit to cover the cost of materials to make your commission. The deposit is non-refundable under any circumstance as it is used for researching and gathering materials.

    The second payment is upon completion of the costume which will be the remaining cost and the cost for postage, which will be requested once everything is approved. Upon receiving the payment the commission will be sent to the address provided.

    I need a costume for an upcoming convention. Can you make it for me in time?

    I have a calendar on display on the left-hand-side of this website at all times displaying when I am free to take on commissions. If you ask me in advance and I am free, I will happily take on any requests you may have, but if you e-mail me 2 weeks prior to the event please understand that it is not always possible to complete things to a strict deadline.

    That said it is always worth asking. If a job is small or if I have extra free time I will happily consider any request you may have. My e-mail is at the top of this FAQ and on the Commissions page.

    Can I commission parts of a costume rather than a full costume?

    Sure! If you need specific parts making I'm happy to make bits and pieces instead of a full costume. E-mail me and ask and I'll give you a quote for specific pieces. My e-mail is at the top of this FAQ and on the Commissions page.

    Can I commission custom embroidery?

    I can embroider anything you want for costumes or original designs, either on existing fabric or as a new patch.

    Costs for patches and basic embroidery are as follows. For the initial setup of the design it is a flat fee of 5 - this gets the design programmed for production. From there depending on the complexity of the patch you can order as many as you want.

    For example, if you order 3 original patches costing 6 each, with the one-off 5 setup fee, the 3 patches will cost 23. From there, if you need any further patches featuring the same design, it will cost the 6 per patch as the setup fee has already been paid, and you can order as many as you want from the initial setup.

    For more complex embroidery (trims, frontal designs, etc), please inquire - I have special rates depending on the complexity of designs and thread consumption. I have previously helped embroider up to 3 meters of fabric in sequence and while it is very tricky to perfect, it looks much better than fabric paint/pens, is hard wearing and gives a unique look.

    Professional embroidery is usually very expensive and after struggling to get pieces embroidered for my OWN costumes I gave in and invested in a machine, rather than paying extortionate setup fees for private firms. For the simplest patches a local firm charged 25 setup fee and then 10 per patch, making a simple costume very expensive, so now that I have my own machine I want to make it as cheap as possible to get professional patches embroidered for cosplayers.

    Do you have any kind of warranty or guarantee on commissions?

    I offer a warranty on commissions for the first 2 months. If anything breaks or if there are any tears in seams within the first 2 months, I will repair it for free!

    There are some exclusions to this warranty - these are as follows:
  • Cosmetic damage/dirt - I won't wash your costume for you, it is up to you to take care of it. If you are wearing body paint or excessive makeup and it damages the costume it is not my responsibility to clean it for you.
  • Physical damage - if it looks like damage has been done on purpose I will not repair it. This includes things like large tears away from seams and physical breakages. Costumes are not fragile but they're not indestructible either, so care should be taken when wearing them.
  • Adjustments because of incorrect measurements - it is up to you to provide the correct measurements when you commission a costume. If you return a costume based on incorrect sizing I will charge you to adjust it. Adjustments are time consuming and difficult once a costume is completed.

    While it seems like a lot of things are excluded please understand that these are all extremes. If your costume is genuinely damaged because of construction I am more than happy to adjust and fix it for you.

    Additionally, if your commission is out of the 2 month warranty I will repair any problems for a small fee - just e-mail me and we can work something out. My e-mail is at the top of this FAQ and on the Commissions page.

    Do you offer any kind of repairs service?

    I can repair costumes for a small fee. If you are interested please e-mail me with photographs or at the very least a description of what needs repairing and I will do my best to help. My e-mail is at the top of this FAQ and on the Commissions page.

    Do you ship internationally?

    I am happy to ship internationally but please understand that international commissions will cost more due to higher postage rates. If you are interested in commissioning me and live outside of the UK, please feel free to e-mail me! My e-mail is at the top of this FAQ and on the Commissions page.

    I'm happy with my commission! Can I give you some feedback?

    Yes please! I have a dedicated Testimonials page where any and all feedback I receive will be displayed. The more feedback I get the more people learn about Paper Cranes which is excellent for me and means more people can commission quality costumes.

    I'd also love it if you have any costume photographs to submit them for my gallery. I'm a cosplayer too so the more examples the better :)